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Plans for the module concerning the formulas-database. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the module concerning the formulas-database.

We should avoid any rounding errors in the output of CreateStatistics.cpp
  • Scientific notation perhaps is better avoided.
  • And floating point numbers should be output at a high precision.
General databases
  • Compare "The general framework" in Experimentation/plans/general.hpp.
  • A relational database likely is too specialised to provide a common framework for all the data relevant in the context of SAT (e.g., special minimally unsatisfiable clause-sets, interesting satisfying assignments for hard problems, data on formula classes, data on the behaviour of algorithms.
  • Perhaps we have something common "root", simply file-based, which contains then, as usual in sub-directories, the more specialised databases.
  • Add minimal doxygen-documentation to the C++ files.
  • Shall we use the local postgresql-installation for compilation (as include-source)? Perhaps as the default.
Other files
  • How to treat the .dtd and .sql files?

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