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Investigations into the 4-bit AES S-box. More...

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Detailed Description

Investigations into the 4-bit AES S-box.

  • The generated 1-base for the 4-bit S-box also needs to be added.
  • DONE (see "Basic Data") Commit b47ed2bac74daaf648852bba0c61f26b3e7f7c8f added some representation --- where does this come from, and where it is represented here?
Basic data
  • Generating the full CNF representation:
    1. The CNF-file "AES_Sbox_full.cnf" is created by the Maxima-function output_ss_sbox_fullcnf_stdname(2,4,ss_polynomial_2_4) in ComputerAlgebra/Cryptology/Lisp/Cryptanalysis/Rijndael/SboxAnalysis.mac, which is a full clause-set with 8 variables and 2^8 - 2^4 = 240 clauses:
      > cat AES_sbox_2_4_full.cnf | ExtendedDimacsFullStatistics-O3-DNDEBUG
       n non_taut_c red_l taut_c orig_l comment_count finished_bool
      8 240 1920 0 1920 1 1
       length count
      8 240
    2. The underlying clause-set is ss_sbox_fullcnf_fcs(2,4,ss_polynomial_2_4).
    3. This clause-set is also computed by bf2relation_fullcnf_fcs(lambda([V],ss_sbox_bf(V,2,4)),4).
  • Prime implicates:
    1. There are 147 prime implicates, with 581 literals in total, and with clause-length-distribution as follows:
      > QuineMcCluskey-n16-O3-DNDEBUG AES_sbox_2_4_full.cnf > AES_sbox_2_4_full.cnf_primes
      > cat AES_sbox_2_4_full.cnf_primes | ExtendedDimacsFullStatistics-O3-DNDEBUG
       n non_taut_c red_l taut_c orig_l comment_count finished_bool
      8 147 581 0 581 1 1
       length count
      3 22
      4 110
      5 15
  • Minimum representations:
    • A minimum representation can be computed by:
      maxima> oklib_load_all()$
      maxima> output_ss_sbox_fullcnf_stdname(2,4,ss_polynomial_2_4);
      shell> OKP=~/Work/OKlibrary/OKplatform/ ${OKP}/OKsystem/OKlib/Satisfiability/Optimisation/minimise_cnf_cryptominisat AES_sbox_2_4_full.cnf | tee Sbox_4_min.cnf | ExtendedDimacsFullStatistics-O3-DNDEBUG n
       n non_taut_c red_l taut_c orig_l comment_count finished_bool
      8 22 82 0 82 1 1
       length count
      3 8
      4 12
      5 2
    • The hardness of this representation is 2:
      shell> Sbox_4_min : read_fcl_f("Sbox_4_min.cnf")$
      shell> hardness_cs(setify(Sbox_4_min[2]));
    • See "Hardness of boolean function representations" in Experimentation/Investigations/BooleanFunctions/plans/general.hpp for discussion on the notions of hardness and methods for computing it.
  • The minimum size of a CNF representation for the AES 4-bit S-box is 22; see "Basic data".
  • Here we should have an overview of the current state of this investigation and open problems.
  • DONE (now we do; see "Basic data") We do *not* currently know the minimum CNF size for the 4-bit Sbox.
Combining Sbox with field addition
  • The AES key schedule includes various field additions which applying associativity and commutativity rules can be combined with the Sbox of the round *after* the key schedule.
  • In particular, the round key is output by the key schedule, and then added (XORed) to the result of the previous round, and given as input to the next round.
  • Within the key schedule, each word is the result of the addition of one key word, with the result of the Sbox operation and addition of certain other key words from the previous round key.
  • As each round key results from the addition of a key word from the previous round, one should investigate combining this key word addition with the the Sbox for the next round.
  • For this case (4-bit boxes), this would yield a 12-bit relation, 8-bits input (round input and key) and 4-bits output.
  • Such a function should be fully analysed.
  • Prime implicates:
    maxima> FF : bf2relation_fullcnf_fcs(lambda([V],ss_sbox_w_add_bf(V,2,4)),8)$
    maxima> output_fcs("SboxPlusKey4.cnf", FF, "SboxPlusKey4.cnf")$
    > cat SboxPlusKey4.cnf_primes | ExtendedDimacsFullStatistics-O3-DNDEBUG
     n non_taut_c red_l taut_c orig_l comment_count finished_bool
    12 634 4020 0 4020 1 1
     length count
    4 20
    5 100
    6 262
    7 180
    8 40
    9 32
  • See ss_sbox_w_add_bf in ComputerAlgebra/Cryptology/Lisp/CryptoSystems/Rijndael/SmallScaleAdvancedEncryptionStandard.mac.
Generating all minimum representations via hypergraph transversals
  • Generate full CNFs:
    maxima> output_ss_sbox_fullcnf_stdname(2,4,ss_polynomial_2_4);
  • Computing minimum representations for the 4-bit S-box:
    shell> ${OKPLATFORM}/OKsystem/OKlib/Satisfiability/Optimisation/all_minimum_cnf AES_sbox_2_4_full.cnf
  • The computation is still running after 5 days. XXX

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