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Plans for the module on treating Rijndael. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the module on treating Rijndael.

The prototype is discussed in ComputerAlgebra/Cryptology/plans/Rijndael.hpp.

  • There are many other cryptanalytic scenarios which are worth investigating --- one needs an overview.
First tests AES
  • Once we have the various translations, the first test is how fast F_AES(p, k, ?) and F'_AES(?, k, c) can be solved --- this actually should be fast.
  • Next is to solve F_AES(?, k, c) and F'_AES(p, k, ?) --- this could already be interesting, as a test for SAT solvers how good they understand the inversion.
  • With
    F2_AES(p, k, c) := F_AES(p, k, c) + F'_AES(p, k, c)
    then both ways definitely should be fast.
Further tests
  • Key inference: The most obvious next thing to do is to investigate key inference, that is, try to solve formulas F_AES(p, ?, c), F'_AES(p, ?, c), F2_AES(p, ?, c).
  • And for r + s = 10 one can consider F_AES^r(p, ?, x) + F'_AES^s(x, ?, c).
  • Partial key inference: Instead of investigating the full key inference problem, one could try how many bits of the key need to be supplied (as unit-clauses) so that the problem finally becomes feasible.

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