Variables.hpp File Reference

Concepts for variables. More...

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struct  OKlib::Concepts::Variables_tag
class  OKlib::Concepts::Variables< Var >
 Basic variables concept. More...
class  OKlib::Concepts::Variables_Archetype
struct  OKlib::Concepts::VariablesWithIndex_tag
class  OKlib::Concepts::VariablesWithIndex< Var >
 Refinement of concept Concepts::Variables, adding an index_type, and variables can be implicitely converted to this index type. More...
struct  OKlib::Concepts::VariablesWithIndex_Archetype
struct  OKlib::Concepts::VariablesAsIndex_tag
class  OKlib::Concepts::VariablesAsIndex< Var >
 Refinement of concept Concepts::VariablesWithIndex, requiring a constructor of variables from index values. More...
struct  OKlib::Concepts::VariablesAsIndex_Archetype


namespace  OKlib

All components of the OKlibrary.

namespace  OKlib::Concepts

Concept definitions and accompanying generic tests.

Detailed Description

Concepts for variables.

Definition in file Variables.hpp.