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Plans regarding the MG's MRes Thesis and further corrections. More...

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Plans regarding the MG's MRes Thesis and further corrections.

Chapter 2 - Boolean functions and Satisfiability
  • Rather than stating SAT solvers are "highly efficient", give examples of what can and can't be solved, some history etc.
  • Give either the precise definition of clause-sets, or give an intuitive understanding, not an incorrect definition.
  • Mention proof of existence of small CNFs with large DNF representations.
  • Use the word "representation" less, and mention "faithful" representations.
  • Discuss the notion of dualism, dual boolean functions, how such notions relate to the dualism between DNF and CNF functions.
  • All references should be a good starting point for research into the discussed area, not just an example paper.
  • Remove most instances of "i.e.,", usually only "which is" or similar is necessary.
  • Remove most, if not all, instances of "highly XXX" or "incredibly XXX", the importance should be implicit from the information given about the area.
  • Remove most instances of "Given" at the beginning of sentences. "Given" assumes that the thing being given is fully specified, and there is no need to consider it further.
  • Try to remove sentences with empty meaning.
  • The handbook is a good starting point for most of the points mentioned.
  • MG should elaborate on the cryptographic SAT translations in the literature, especially the DES translation, stating how our translation differs.
  • Mention of Ramsey problems should be moved to overview subsection at the end.
  • Much greater mention of the OKlibrary, as a platform should be mentioned.
LaTeX corrections/improvements
  • Tidy up and standardise math operators used and move to relevant macro files.

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