OKlib::Concepts::AtomicCondition< AC > Class Template Reference

Concept for basic atomic conditions. More...

#include <AtomicConditions.hpp>

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Public Types

< AC >::type 

Public Member Functions

void constraints ()
void dummy_use (const AC &ac)

Public Attributes

AC c
const AC cc
const value_type v

Detailed Description

template<typename AC>
class OKlib::Concepts::AtomicCondition< AC >

Concept for basic atomic conditions.

Atomic conditions are fully constructible, and a(n) (implementation-defined) linear order is defined on them. They represent boolean-valued functions on their value type.

So we have an associated type traits traits::value_type, and via the function AtomicConditions::eval the boolean value of the condition on a value is evaluated. Given a value, the atomic condition which is exactly true on this value can be constructed. An atomic condition can be complemented.

Since built-in types can model atomic conditions, for them in general the initialisation behaviour of built-in types must be assumed.

Definition at line 44 of file AtomicConditions.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

template<typename AC >
void OKlib::Concepts::AtomicCondition< AC >::dummy_use ( const AC &  ac) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

template<typename AC >
AC OKlib::Concepts::AtomicCondition< AC >::c
template<typename AC >
const AC OKlib::Concepts::AtomicCondition< AC >::cc
template<typename AC >
const value_type OKlib::Concepts::AtomicCondition< AC >::v

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