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Detailed Description

Plans for the mailing lists.

DONE Mailing lists
  • DONE (we use http://www.freelists.org instead) Set up the mailman system on cs-wsok.
    1. See Buildsystem/ExternalSources/SpecialBuilds/plans/Mailman.hpp.
  • The following entries need update (they still refer to the local installation of Mailman).
  • DONE (we use a public service, so no local e-mail etc. needed) For the following public e-mail-addresses we need corresponding local e-mail-addresses.
    1. The question is, whether one is sufficient (would be easier)?
    2. It seems that redirection from ok-sat-library.org to one local e-mail account (from which Mailman then gets the mail) works for all different mailing lists.
  • DONE (for now we just have a users-list) Lists:
    1. Developers (developers@ok-sat-library.org)
      • Created; OK the only administrator.
      • Only developer-e-mails.
      A developer is automatically member of "Git-notifications developers".
    2. Core developers (core-developers@ok-sat-library.org)
      • Only for core developers.
      A developer is automatically member of "Developers".
    3. Users (users@ok-sat-library.org)
      • Only user-e-mails.
      A user is automatically member of "General notifications".
    4. General notifications (announcements@ok-sat-library.org)
      • Only special notifications, when new versions are reached etc.
    5. Git-notifications developers
      • Exactly all the Git-e-mail notifications for the central repository
    6. Git-notifications users
      • Exactly all the Git-e-mail notifications for the user-pull-clone.
      • This allerts users about new updates.
    7. Git-notifications user-submissions
      • Exactly all the Git-e-mail notifications for the user-push-clones.
      • This serves also as a certificate of submission.
    Every e-mail is sent to exactly one list.
  • DONE (now using a public service) Adminstration
    1. The automatic "Mailman" mailing list is not listed, and subscription needs authorisation.
    2. The general entry point for all mailing lists is http://cs-oksvr.swan.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/
    3. Adminstration access is granted by the specific list-password and by the general admin-password.
    4. The admin-password needs to be kept somewhere secure; since the other passwords are sent by e-mails, I've sent an e-mail to myself containing this password.
  • DONE (not using mailman etc.) General appearance
    1. How can we modify the entry page http://cs-oksvr.swan.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/ ? We should mention there the OKlibrary.
  • DONE (we must hope that the public service stays alive, and everything will also be stored by OK) Which part of the mailing-list-system is under version control?
    1. The mailing-lists-archives are not under version control, but they are backed-up (by the departmental back-up on cs-svr1).
    2. The web-pages and related configuration data is part of the OKlibrary.
    3. Also the list of developers is part of the OKlibrary.
    4. What about the list of users?
  • The mail-address is oklibrary-users@freelists.org (at http://www.freelists.org/list/oklibrary-users, with OK as list-owner).
  • A dedicated web-page is needed on howto use the mailing-lists.
  • The meaning of the different mailing lists, and how to use them (registration etc.)
  • How to access the history.
  • About the identity of developers.
  • Subject-lines in e-mails: "precise and short specifications", no nonsense like "newbie needs help".
  • "How to reply".
User mailing list
  • The following (old) invitation-plans need update, and are only to be considered once we actually have the resources for user-requests.
  • Invite the participants (roughly in the following order --- slowly going on).
  • Ines Lynce and Joao Marques-Silva: General (?)
  • Further collaborators of Ines Lynce and Joao Marques-Silva
  • John Franco and Sean Weaver: General (?)
  • Hans van Maaren and Marijn Heule
  • Arnold Beckmann
  • Ulrich Berger: New module Formalisation
  • Markus Roggenbach
  • Anton Setzer
  • Phil Grant
  • Elitza Maneva
  • Isabelle Oitavem and Reinhard Kahle (especially "theory")
  • David Mitchell (observer)
  • Holger Hoos and David T (observer)
  • Joshua Buresh-Oppenheim: module Resolution
  • Stefan Szeider and Marko Samer: new module Backdoors
  • Heribert Vollmer
  • Hans Kleine Buening, Thorsten Lettmann, Uwe Bubeck
  • Enrico Giunchiglia
  • Daniel Le Berre (observer)
  • Xishun Zhao
  • Victor Marek and Mirek Truszczynski: ??
  • Peter Jonsson and group
  • Jakob Nordstroem
  • Steve Prestwich
  • Nicola Galesi and group
  • Maria-Luisa Bonet and group
  • Nadia Creignou
  • Zumkeller: ??
  • Paul Beame and group
  • Marina de Vos and Martin Brain (Bath)
  • Tobias Nipkow
  • Uwe Schoening
  • Sam Buss (asking very politely)
  • Edward Hirsch and group
  • Phokion Kolaitis
  • Andras Salomon
  • Lars Schewe
  • Steve Cook and group (theoretical aspects)
  • Alasdair Urquhart and group (theoretical aspects)
  • Tonian Pitassi and group
  • Moshe Vardi
  • Contact e-mail:
    1. Yet we do not have much resources, but with their help we want to ask for further funding.
    2. Yet please do not publish the web-address at other places (public release in 6 months).
    3. Main request: State your wishes.
    4. Please stay for some time on the user-list (you can ask for daily summaries); if too much "noise", then there is the notification list.
    5. If you wish to submit, then you need to become member of the developpers list.
    6. It is a "proto release" --- larger changes possible (for example on request of these first users(!)).
    We need an official text, and OK contacts each of the above personally, adding this text.
  • Only by invitation (yet).

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