TenChallenges.hpp File Reference

Plans for the "Ten Challenges" entry page. More...

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Detailed Description

Plans for the "Ten Challenges" entry page.

Reference to 10Challenges-directory does not work
  • Variable "tenchallenges_doxygen_directory" (in local_html.mak) has the value from csltok, but on cs-wsok the hash-value is different.
  • With Doxygen 1.6.3 the real address of the page on csltok is doxygen_html/dir_2170196fd6532dac3d4cdce46978808a.html .
  • See "Doxygen problems regarding stability of links" in Buildsystem/Html/Local/plans/general.hpp, where this problem is handled.
Baltimore conference
  • We should improve the reference to the Baltimore symposium.
  • Providing links to the main conference as well as to the workshop, and to the SAT-related sites (if possible).

Definition in file TenChallenges.hpp.