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General plans regarding trees in Maxima/Lisp. More...

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Detailed Description

General plans regarding trees in Maxima/Lisp.

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Concepts and abbreviations
  • DONE An "unlabelled rooted tree" perhaps abbreviated by "rt".
  • DONE And a "labelled rooted tree" perhaps abbreviated by "lrt".
  • The functions need to be renamed.
Tree drawing (output as Latex code)
  • Generalise the various forms of transforming trees to ps-trees.
  • The output should be nicely indented.
  • We need general conventions on transferring boolean and propositional literals to Latex.
  • We need docus on how to adjust the Latex-code to various standard circumstances (scaling, rotation, etc.).
  • We also should offer output using "\xygraph".
  • For that we need to compute the horizontal displacement. So the Rheingold-Tilford algorithm should be implemented.
    1. See Visualisation/GraphDrawing/plans/Trees.hpp.
    2. Actually implementing the visualisation of trees (where the nodes and edges are labelled with real numbers) at the Maxima/Lisp level, using Gnuplot, would be interesting.
Graph drawing (output as Latex code)
  • It would be nice to have the possibility to output graphs in the "\xygraph"-format.
  • And also using the pstricks-package.
  • One possibility is to compute coordinates and then to adjust them to a grid.
  • It would also be good if somehow one could specify rough placements.

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