milestones.hpp File Reference

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Detailed Description

Module Versions:
Combinatorics/Graphs 0.0.2 (30.12.2006)
Version 0.0.3
In Graphs/plans/general.hpp the following topics are handled:
  • All sub-modules have milestones
  • Clarify the relations
  • Update the namespaces : DONE
Version 0.0.4
Graphs/BoostSupport 0.0.5
(see Graphs/BoostSupport/plans/milestones.hpp)
Graphs/Matchings version 0.0.3
(see Graphs/Matchings/plans/milestones.hpp)
Graphs/TreeDecompositions 0.0.6
(see Combinatorics/Graphs/TreeDecompositions/plans/milestones.hpp)
Further milestones have been created.


Version history
  • 0.0.2 : 30.12.2006; initial version number (some components in other modules).

Definition in file milestones.hpp.