OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::Test_DirectoryIterator< DirectoryIterator > Class Template Reference

Testing the concept of a directory iterator. More...

#include <RecursiveDirectoryIteration_Tests.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Test_DirectoryIterator test_type

Public Member Functions

 Test_DirectoryIterator ()

Detailed Description

template<class DirectoryIterator>
class OKlib::GeneralInputOutput::Test_DirectoryIterator< DirectoryIterator >

Testing the concept of a directory iterator.


Using path-equality or path-equivalence ?

Instead of OKlib::Concepts::InputIterator we should require OKlib::Concepts::InputIteratorDefault and MultiPassInputIterator (???).

Testing should also cover the case of symbolic links.

Provide testing of star operator in private member function test_star_operator.

Provide testing of increment operator in private member function test_increment_operator.

Extend testing of equality and inequality operators to non-trivial cases.

Definition at line 97 of file RecursiveDirectoryIteration_Tests.hpp.

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Definition at line 100 of file RecursiveDirectoryIteration_Tests.hpp.

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