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Matthew Gwynne
Computer Science
Swansea University

Matthew Gwynne, BSc (Swansea), MRes (Swansea)

PhD Student

I am currently a PhD student under the supervision of Oliver Kullmann.

I am currently investigating what it means to be a "good" SAT representation, using notions from satisfiability, constraint programming, propositional proof complexity and knowledge representation. For more information, see the project webpage and the OKlibrary.

More generally, my research interests include: SAT and Constraint Satisfaction; data analysis and representations; the application of SAT to cryptography; Ramsey Theory and other combinatorial problems .

Publications and other materials


  • Unifying hierarchies of fast SAT decision and knowledge compilation SOFSEM 2013 - Czech Republic [PDF]
  • Towards a better understanding of SAT-hardness: Constructing soft SAT-representations of boolean functions, with applications to AES+DES CP 2011 (Doctoral Program) - Perugia [PDF]
  • On the hardness of (satisfiable) conjunctive normal forms PCV seminar (April 2011) - Swansea [PDF]
  • On the hardness of (satisfiable) conjunctive normal forms BCTCS 2011 - Birmingham [PDF]
  • Attacking AES via SAT BCTCS 2009 - Warwick [PDF]


  • Developer for the OKlibrary : an open-source research platform for generalised SAT solving.
  • Co-organiser of the PCV Seminar Series (2010 - Present).
  • Local organiser for SAT 2009.


  • CS-175 Modelling Computer Systems 2 (11/12 - 12/13)
  • CS-170 Modelling Computer Systems (10/11-12/13)
  • CS-270 Algorithms (08/09-12/13)
  • CS-130 Academic Tutorials (10/11-10/11)
  • CS-221 Functional Programming I (08/09-09/10)
  • CS-332 Designing Algorithms (08/09-09/10)