jvtJohn V Tucker
60th Birthday

Algebraic and Logical Methods for Data and Modelling

Scientific meeting held in honour of the significant contributions made by JVT to Computer Science. Meeting held at Oldwalls on the Gower Peninsula on 12 April 2012.

JVTAlgebraic and Logical methods have proven to be invaluable tools for Computer Science. Algebras appear everywhere, from models of the data itself, to models of computation, and logical reasoning provide for stringent studies of data, models, and computations. Clearly, any computation will operate on data. However, the data actually used in a computation is generally only a model of the real data. Whether the data are images, fluids or abstract real numbers, the computer can only work with models of the data. Thus, algebraic and logical methods are imperative for topics ranging from fundamental theoretical computer science to applied computations.




Jens Blanck