Dr. George Buchanan, HonFRSA

I am no longer working at Swansea University - I am now a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for HCI Design, City University, London.

I was a lecturer at Swansea University, where continue to be a visiting member of the Future Interaction Technology (FIT) laboratory. I am also a visiting academic at the UCL Interaction Centre, and worked on the User Centred Interactive Search project with Ann Blandford, Claire Warwick, Jeremy Gow and Jon Rimmer. I have previously worked in the School of Computer Science at Middesex University and at the Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato. New Zealand.

Current Activities

Awarded EPSRC Grant: "Document Triage in the Information Seeking Process", commenced April 2008. The Research Assistant on this project is Fernando Loizides.

Won the Best Paper Award at the European Conference on Digital Libraries, 2009 for "Hear It Is: Enhancing Rapid Document Browsing with Sound Cues", co-authored with Parisa Eslambochilar and Fernando Loizides.

Co-chair of the Fourth Context-Aware Mobile Systems (CAMS) workshop, On The Move Conferences 2009.

Recent Activities

Won the Best Paper Award at the European Conference on Digital Libraries, 2008 for "Improving Placeholders in Digital Documents", co-authored with Jennifer Pearson, currently a PhD student with my colleague Harold Thimbleby.

Publicity Chair, 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries, 2009.

Program Committee, 18th International World Wide Web Conference, 2009.

Faculty panel member, Doctoral Consortium, European Conference on Digital Libraries, 2008.

European Program Co-Chair, International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, 2008. Paper submission by 22nd June 2008 13th July 2008 - note extended deadline!

Won the Best Paper Award at the European Conference on Digital Libraries, 2007 for "Investigating Document Triage on Paper and Electronic Media", co-authored with Fernando Loizides, now a Research Assistant with me.


My research interests cover three main areas:

In each of these areas, I am interested in the interaction of people with these sytems - how the systems can be made easier to use, more productive and support a wider range of 'real world' tasks. A particular common theme is the support of information seeking - finding and collecting useful information as part of a knowledge-based task. Being from a background of computer science and software engineering, I also have a strong interest in the technical aspects of each area - focussing on how systems can exchange information more fluidly and flexibly.

I work extensively with the New Zealand Digital Library Project, at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, and with Matt Jones and Harold Thimbleby at University of Wales, Swansea on Mobile HCI. I've also been working for some time with the Information Systems and Databases (ISDB) group at the University of Waikato, particularly with Annika Hinze. My other collaborators include Anne Adams at University College London, Dr. Frank Shipman at Texas A&M University, and Prof. Tammy Sumner at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

A list of my publications is available - if regularly out of date! A more frequently updated page can be found on my DBLP page. If you are interested in my work, please get in touch!

Research Students and Assistants

I strongly believe that research students should actively publish to further their academic development and future career.

My current research assistants include Fernando Loizides (current PhD student) and Tom Owen (former MSc student) who are both doing work on document triage (how to decide if a document is relevant to a particular question). Tom, Fernando and I are shortly to submit a further paper on document triage to the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST). Tom and myself presented a paper at JCDL 2008, and Fernando and I gave a second paper at the same conference.

Jennifer Pearson, a former MSc student in the Future Interaction Technology lab, and Tom are working on a range of information seeking tools in collaboration with Swansea University's Institute for Advanced Telecommunications. Jen co-authored a paper with me that won the Best Paper Award at the European Conference on Digital Libraries in September 2008.

Helen Dodd commenced a PhD with me in October 2008, on assisting user search selection on multiple sources.

Contact Details (Swansea)

Address: Department of Computer Science
University of Wales, Swansea
Singleton Park,
SA2 8PP,
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1792 602611
+44 1792 295393 (department office)
Email: g dot r dot buchanan at swansea dot ac dot uk