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Travelling from Cardiff Airport to Swansea Train Station

Step 1: Take the bus to Cardiff Rhoose Train Station
Unfortunately, this train station actually has two names: (1) Cardiff Rhoose and (2) Cardiff International Airport Train Station. Cardiff Rhoose is usually the name that is used. There are actually two free public buses that take passengers to Cardiff Rhoose train station. If you ask at airport information, they will tell you there is only one. (I believe the official bus is called the X95.) However, there are in fact two because I have taken them. Simply ask the bus driver(s) (1) if their bus is going to Cardiff Rhoose and (2) when the next bus to Cardiff Rhoose departs. The official bus to Cardiff Rhoose departs every hour at 10 minutes before the hour. The exception is on Sundays when the bus only travels every other hour (at 10 to the hour). The ride lasts about 10 minutes. The most difficult part is finding the bus stop itself. It's very important to find out when the last bus departs if you're arriving late at the airport. (See timetable below.) A taxi to Swansea costs 75 GBP!

If you're arriving late, make sure you look up when the last train to Swansea (SWA) is from Cardiff Rhoose (RIA -Rhoose International Airport). This can be done online using First Great Western. If you miss the last bus to Rhoose, you may still be able to catch the last train from Rhoose to Swansea by taking a taxi. A taxi to Cardiff Rhoose costs about 7 GBP.

The bus to Cardiff Rhoose departs at the following times:
Mon-Fri: 5:51, 6:51, 7:51, 8:51, 9:51, 10:51, 11:51, 12:51, 13:51, 14:51, 15:51, 16:51, 17:51, 18:51, 19:51, 20:51, 21:51, 22:51
Sundays: 8:51, 10:51, 13:51, 15:51, 17:51, 19:51, 21:51
These times were taken from the timetable posted at the bus stop itself on 15 Dec 2009.

Step 2: Take the train to Bridgend
After the bus drops you off at Cardiff Rhoose, the next step is to get the train to Bridgend train station. The most difficult part here is getting the train in the right direction. Remember, you want to travel west. The sea, which you'll be able to see there, is to your south. The free public transportation will normally drop you off on the south side of the train tracks -the correct side on which to enter the train to Swansea.

The trains run every hour at about 12-18 minutes past the hour. That means only about a 12-18 minute wait if you've taken the bus at 10 minutes to the hour. The ride to Bridgend lasts about 30 minutes.

There is no place either at the airport nor at the Cardiff Rhoose train station to buy a train ticket. This is no problem as tickets can be purchased on the train. Purchase a single through ticket to Swansea.

Step 3: Take the train to Swansea
You'll have to change trains in Bridgend to get to Swansea. The good news is, the wait is usually short because the trains run to Swansea often. The digital display, on the same platform (but different train tracks) informs passengers when the next train to Swansea arrives and departs. In theory, a train ticket could be purchased at this station, but also it's possible on the train, at no extra cost as far as I know.

The rides lasts 30-40 minutes. There is a taxi stand at the Swansea main strain station, around the corner of the exit to the right.

Feel free to print out this page. And make sure to bring Bob's contact information in case you run into problems. Also, please contact Bob if you have anything useful to add to this description, e.g., the exact bus IDs for buses to Cardiff Rhoose.

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