Visual Computing Graduate School 2010
Visual Computing Graduate School, Swansea University, 6-9 April 2010

High Performance Computer Graphics and Visualization 1995
High Performance Computer Graphics and Visualization (HPCGV), Swansea University, 1995


The 2010 Wales RIVIC Graduate School is a four-day meeting, bringing distinguished international scientists in computer graphics, computer vision, image processing, visualization, and other areas of visual computing together to share their expertise, knowledge, wisdom, and vision with young researchers (e.g., PhD students and PostDocs). The school provides a stimulating opportunity for young researchers and Ph.D. students. The participants will benefit from direct interaction and discussions with leaders in Visual Computing. Participants will also have the possibility to present the results of their research, and to interact with their scientific peers, in a friendly and constructive environment. The Graduate School offers scientists and researchers a rare opportunity to explore the future research directions of visual computing, especially the convergence of its different areas. The event features insightful talks from keynote speakers, research presentations, discussion panels, and PhD forums. Its informal social events provide young researchers a valuable opportunity to exchange research experience and explore potentials for collaboration.


Program Chairs

  • Robert S Laramee, Swansea University, r.s.laramee "at"
  • Xianghua (Jason) Xie, Swansea University, x.xie "at"

Steering Committee

  • Min Chen, Swansea University
  • Nigel John, Bangor University
  • Ralph Martin, Cardiff University
  • Reyer Zwiggelaar, Aberystwyth University

Local Organizing Committee

  • Rita Borgo, Swansea University -Fast Forward Coordinator
  • Ben Daubney, Swansea University
  • Ravi P. Kammaje, Swansea University

Student Volunteers

  • Matthew Edmunds, Swansea University -Webmaster
  • Zhao Geng, Swansea University
  • Ed Grundy, Swansea University -Media Archive Manager
  • Dan R. Lipşa, Swansea University
  • Tony McLoughlin, Swansea University -Photographer

Publicity Chairs

  • Mike Catania,, Bangor, Wales
  • Stevie Scanlan, Bangor University, Wales
  • Alan Roberts,, Bangor, Wales

Distinguished International Speakers

The RIVIC Scientific Advisory Board will be held in conjunction with the Graduate School. The Board members include:

  1. Marc Alexa (TU Berlin, Germany),
  2. Oliver Deussen (Konstanz, Germany),
  3. David Ebert (Purdue, USA),
  4. Tom Ertl (Stuttgart, Germany),
  5. Dieter Fellner (Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt, Germany)
  6. Bob Fisher (Edinburgh, UK),
  7. Markus Gross (ETH, Switzerland),
  8. Chuck Hansen (Utah, USA),
  9. Dave Hawkes (UCL, UK),
  10. Adrian Hilton (Surrey, UK),
  11. Leif Kobbelt (Aachen, Germany),
  12. Carol O'Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
  13. Frits H Post (Delft, Netherlands)

Many of the board members will be giving keynote lectures during the Graduate School.

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