University and Industry Collaborations with Robert S. Laramee
(The nature of the collaborations can be deduced from the list of publications.)
and Industry

[1]  R. Daniel Bergeron
Professor, University of New Hampshire
[2]  Jorik Blaas
Researcher, Delft University of Technology
[3]  Charl Botha
Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology
[4]  Tom Cheesman
Reader in Arts and Humanities, Swansea University
[5]  Guoning Chen
PostDoc, University of Utah
[6]  Min Chen
Professor, Oxford University
[7]  Simon Cox
Professor, Aberystwyth University
[8]  Nick Croft
Researcher, School of Engineering, Swansea University
[9]  James Davies
Managing Director of We Predict Ltd.
[10]  H. Quynh Dinh
Researcher, Blue Sky Studios
[11]  Helmut Doleisch
[12]  Gordon Erlebacher
Professor, Florida State University
[13]  Christoph Garth
Postdoc, University of California, Davis
[14]  Markus Hadwiger
Assisstant Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
[15]  Hans Hagen
Professor, University of Kaiserslautern
[16]  Chuck Hansen
Professor, University of Utah
[17]  Helwig Hauser
Professor, University of Bergen
[18]  Bruno Jobard
Assistant Professor, University of Pau
[19]  Mark W Jones
Senior Lecturer, Swansea University
[20]  Robert Kosara
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
[21]  Fernando Loizides
PhD Candidate, City University
[22]  Rami Malki
Research Assistant, Swansea University
[23]  Ian Masters
Senior Lecturer, Swansea University
[24]  Nelson Max
Professor, University of California, Davis
[25]  Konstantin Mischaikow
Associate Professor, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
[26]  Ronny Peikert
Adjunct Professor, ETH Zentrum
[27]  Frits H. Post
Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology
[28]  Huw Price
Founder and Managing Director, Grid Tools Ltd.
[29]  Werner Purgathofer
Professor, Vienna University of Technology
[30]  Philip J. Rhodes
Associate Professor, The University of Mississippi
[31]  Jonathan C Roberts
Senior Lecturer, Bangor University
[32]  Juergen Schneider
Applications Engineer, AVL List GMBH
[33]  Emily L C Shepard
PhD Candidate in Biology, Swansea University
[34]  Ted M. Sparr
Professor, University of New Hampshire
[35]  Holger Theisel
Professor, University of Magdeburg
[36]  David S. Thompson
Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
[37]  Xavier Tricoche
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
[38]  Colin Ware
Professor, University of New Hampshire
[39]  Tino Weinkauf
PostDoc, New York University
[40]  Daniel Weiskopf
Professor, Visualization Research Center, Universitaet Stuttgart (VISUS)
[41]  Jarke J. van Wijk
Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology
[42]  Rory P Wilson
Professor, Department of Biology, Swansea University
[43]  Harry Yeh
Professor, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Oregon State University
[44]  Eugene Zhang
Associate Professor, Oregon State University
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