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Robert S. Laramee: Administration, Management, and Service(s)

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  1. Director of the College of Science Postgraduate Research Students, 2016-present
  2. Co-Director of Swansea University's Centre on Digital Adventures and Humanities (CODAH), 2014-present
  3. Founder and Organizer of the Visible Lunch Event, 2007-present
  4. Regional Manager of New Computing Technologies (NCT) Wales, 2013-2015
  5. Bob's Computer Science Book Lending Service for Swansea University students, 2006-present
    This is a completely voluntary duty inspired by the relatively high cost of books and equipment in Wales. Equipment such as mice, keyboards, monitor stands, external hard drives etc. are also lent out. Staff also use this service.
  6. Chair and Member of the Computer Science Departmental Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Ethics Committee, 2009-2016
    Responsibilities include:
  7. Organizer of Computer Science Undergraduate Colloquium at Gregynog , 2012-2014
  8. Departmental TimeTable(s) and Lecture Room Bookings, 2010-2012
    Note that Linda S Andrews updates the timetable, since 30 Jan 2012 (L.S.Andrews "at"
    1. Time Table Change Request (TTCR) Form: A copy of this form must be completed in order to make a change request to the computer science time table.
    2. Background and Motivation behind TTCR Form: Here we provide the background and motivation behind the TTCRs and what they hope to achieve.
    3. A Description of your TTCR Status: This description helps members of staff interpret the status of their TTCR.
    4. Current TTCRs and Their Status: This folder contains the current TTCRs as well their current processing status.
    5. Swansea University lecture Rooms and their capacity
  9. Head of the First, Second, and Third Year Computer Science Students, 2007-2011
    Responsibilities include:
  10. MRes in Visual Computing Admissions Tutor, 2009-2010
    Duties include:
  11. Organizer of Visual Computing Day, 2007
  12. Robert S. Laramee and Parisa Eslambolchilar, Computer Science at Swansea University, Higher Education Day Talk, 30 June 2010, for Gorseinon College, ( Swansea, Wales, UK (PDF slies)
  13. Bob also collects, frames, and hangs best paper awards won by Computer Science PG Students, Research Officers, and Staff on a designated wall on the fourth floor of Faraday Tower. The wall stands in one of the research laboratories that accommodates PG students and research officers in the CS department. The showcase of framed best paper awards is intended to inspire researchers by letting them know that such distinction is within their grasp. It also serves as recognition (and a reminder) of outstanding achievement in the department of Computer Science.

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