Re-Size Slider

Actuated Sliders for Concurrent Interaction and Haptic Feedback

In this project, we introduce the concept of concurrent inter- action and control deformation. We define this as controls that change form during the user’s interactions. We use control deformation to explore how size can inform output and context while users select system variables. We implement this concept by prototyping a slider control where the cursor can dynamically change its form mapped to the task and selections. We tested this prototype slider, first alone to ensure users could detect the output. After which, we compared it to other modalities in a second study. We compared the slider to light, sound and vibration based output. Overall, the re- sults showed the prototype provides a viable option to output information. It outperformed current dual screens graphical outputs for accuracy and good user experience. It also showed advantaged over vibration and sound based output.

Project Outcomes