Where Art Meets Technology

Integrating Tangible and Intelligent Tools in Creative Processes

MobileHCI, October 1st 2019

Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Art and design are an essential aspect of our culture and how we interact with the world. Artists and designers use a wide selection of tools, which, with the progression of digital technologies is rapidly growing. This change has opened up new opportunities for the Mobile HCI community to build creative supportive tools for this group.

The digital switch has come with many benefits such as lowering barriers, mobile work environments and mass production for distribution of work. Along with these benefits we also see challenges of how art and design processes work and its future perception in society. As technology takes a more significant role in supporting art and design what will this mean for the individual artist or designer?

The focus of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to explore what the future of digital art and design will hold. The exploration will centre around synthesizing key challenges and questions, along with ideas for future interaction technologies that consider mobile aspects of digital art.

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Call for Papers

We invite submissions from practitioners and researchers in disciplines such as human factors, computer science, art, and HCI who are interested in exploring digital technology in art and design practices.

The submission should address any topic related to novel tangible and digital technologies for art and design practices. This includes designing/exploring tangible prototypes for digital experiences, advanced creativity support tools for practitioners, i.e. AI/ML based tools.

Papers should be between 2-4 pages in the ACM Extended Abstract Format and emailed to orgainsers. We further encourage submissions related to exploring contexts and methodologies of studying artist and designers as well as ethics and societal impact of technology on creative fields.

The participants will be selected by the clarity of their submissions and the relatedness to the topic. At least one author of the each paper has to attend the workshop.

Submissions Deadline: July 19th 2019

Submissions Deadline: July 29th 2019


8:45-10:15Welcome & Introduction, lighting talks, demos and presentations
Coffee Break 1
10:30-12:00Ideation, and dialog labs
1:30-3:00Sketching and Prototyping
Coffee Break 2
3:15-4:45Presentations of ideas and Wrap-up


Janin Koch

Cameron Steer

Andrés Lucero

Makayla Lewis

Wendy Mackay

Jennifer Pearson

Simon Robinson

Any Questions?

Contact: Cameron (cdsteer94@gmail.com) or Janin (janin.koch@aalto.fi)