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Hi. I am Cameron Steer

I am a PhD Student at the FIT Lab, Swansea University. My current research involves working with artists to develop new tangible technologies to aid the way they express their art in digital mediums.


Here are my ideas that have made it to the create stage.

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Coming Soom

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Liquid Digital Paint

Actuated Textures for Digital Painting mixing

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Re-Size Slider

Actuated Sliders for Concurrent Interaction and Haptic Feedback

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Deformable Paint Palette

Actuated Force Controls for Digital Painting

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Shared Symphonies

Tangible Music Experiences for People Living with Dementia

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Growth, Change and Decay

Plants and Interaction Possibilities


My Creatition is a daily progress. I share my progress here


In order to grow we need to DO! Here's some extra stuff I do