Hands-On Shaping Shape-Changing Devices

MobileHCI 2017 workshop on shaping shape change (SSCW2017)

Workshop Overview

Commonly available mobile devices are mostly static, flat surfaces, which strongly limit user input and output possibilities to 2D planar interactions, with no sense of tactile feedback or realism. Much recent work, therefore, endeavours to depart from the limited interactions of flat mobile devices by providing shape changing, deformable actuating inputs and outputs, beckoning a new era of interaction possibilities. This workshop invites innovators, product designers and developers from industrial and academic fields including healthcare, gaming and the arts to explore the design space and applications of shape changing mobile devices. Through rapid physical prototyping, we will explore the practical efficacy of using shape changing mobile devices in personal and collaborative environments, and identify key areas of future mobile device design.

More information about this workshop can be found in the Workshop Proposal.

Important Dates

Call for Papers

The calls for papers is oriented around the workshop goals:

We elicit submissions from as broader perspectives as possible, however, we include typical examples of approaches or perspectives below.

Submissions will be reviewed by the workshop organisers and by selected reviewers. Accepted papers will then be hosted on the workshop web page. At least one author must attend the workshop and all participants are required to register for both the workshop and at least one day of the conference.


Deepak Sahoo

Deepak Ranjan Sahoo
Swansea University (UK)

Timothy Neate
Swansea University (UK)

Jennifer Pearson
Swansea University (UK)

Laurence Nigay
UniversiteĢ Grenoble Alpes (France)

Yutaka Tokuda
Sussex University (UK)

Sriram Subramanian
Sussex University (UK)

Jason Alexander
Lancaster University (UK)

Matt Jones
Swansea University (UK)


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